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Detailed Services for Property Owners 



  • Follow Landlord-Tenant Laws and Regulations of Montana

  • Professional Rental Evaluation

  • Tenant Interview and Screening

  • Tenant Move-In/Out Inspections

  • Prepare and Enforce Lease Agreements

  • Market and Advertise Vacant Rentals

  • Rent Collection/Dealing with Defaulters

  • Preventative Maintenance and Repairs of Property

  • Routine Property Inspections

  • Tenant Communications and Complaints

  • Keep Accurate Records and Create Owner Reports

  • Year-end Tax Statements and 1099’s


Leading Edge offers residential property management services including townhomes, condominiums, single or multi-family home and apartment complexes. 


We can help with whatever your commercial need is. Whether it is an office, a mixed use building, retail space, industrial building and storage units.


Leading Edge can help you reach your highest earning potential with your vacation property using industry-leading marketing tools and smart pricing. You can trust in our local service.

Call for a free property evaluation today!


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